Financial Alternatives: Loaning Options for Uber Drivers

There are numerous and diverse job opportunities in the market for those willing to take the extra mile to work under different taxi-hailing companies. Uber is one of the leading brands that has paved the way for everyday people to set up a side hustle working as drivers on their own time. Although being an Uber driver has its perks, not everyone has access to the right financial opportunities. This can be an issue for prospective freelancers who don’t have the right funding to drive and maintain their own cars.

Having the Right Tools for Your Business

Applying as an Uber driver requires you, among other things, to have your own car. However, you need to ensure that your car model fits within the categories that Uber allows. Additionally, you need to pay for your car’s maintenance by yourself. Some Uber drivers are on the streets full-time while others drive when they need a boost in their income. Either way, you need to assess the potential financial gain and responsibilities you’ll have before you can jump to a major commitment of signing up with Uber.

Choosing Secured or Unsecured Loans

There are generally two ways a person can take funding for their opportunity to working under Uber. First, they can take a personal loan that allows them to pay money upfront for a car’s down payment. Buying your own car gives you the right tools to perform your duties as an Uber driver while simultaneously paying off your personal loan debt. It’s an excellent way to avoid using your savings, especially if you’re reluctant to use it all up just for a car.

Another route you can take for financial funding is to get an unsecured loan. Unlike a personal loan, unsecured loans require a higher credit score. This is because there’s more risk for the lender to offer a borrower money without collateral. Secured loans generally need a type of asset with enough financial value to cover your payments if you miss them. For unsecured loans, you’ll face the danger of accumulating expensive late fees if you’re not punctual with payments. This can balloon out of control and give you the burden of a colossal debt.

Choosing the Proper Loan Option for You

When considering if a secured or unsecured loan is better for you, it’s important to take a close look at your financial situation. This includes calculating your projected earnings to ensure that you won’t miss monthly dues for your loans. Consider other financial obligations such as monthly utility bills and rent—they are monthly expenses that will also eat away at your regular income.

Besides the initial payment for your car, you must also consider the maintenance costs you’ll expect every month. How much mileage will one full tank cover? How frequently should you go in for professional tune-ups? Will your car need expensive repairs or refurbishing if you’re buying second-hand? Answering these queries will help you identify which secured or unsecured loans will fit your needs.


Buying a car and eventually paying for it with the money you’ll earn as an Uber driver can seem like a win-win situation. However, you must gauge which loans and lending companies are a good fit for you. Otherwise, you could sign with a loan that’ll keep you in debt for the long term. Thankfully, you don’t have to make this financial leap of faith by yourself!

At First Finance, we offer a variety of ,personal loans in Madison County to fit your needs. We will review different options to give you the most affordable payment plan available. If you need funding on your journey to be an Uber driver, call our team at 615-488-3698!