3 Effects a Personal Loan Can Create via Debt Consolidation

When it comes to your finances and handling several debt payments, it can all get a little messy. Multiple due dates and fluctuating interest rates are a lot to keep track of, and things can spiral even further when you miss a payment as it creates a domino effect on your accounts and credit score.

No matter the reason, it’s important to handle these impending monetary issues. One solution that might help is debt consolidation, which allows you to collate every other loan that you need to pay off all into one. Doing it this way would help remove that element of keeping up different due dates, interest rates, and more.

How would you go about trying debt consolidation? Take out one personal loan that would be able to pay off the existing debt that you have. That way, you can focus on just paying off one singular loan without facing an amalgamation of debt. Here are some of the effects that a debt consolidation through a personal loan can have:

1) Decrease Interest Rate

Many people who take out a personal loan will qualify for a low interest, which can provide better cost-efficiency when handling your debt and finances. It removes any of the different and additional rates that you would have had to pay off from two or more different lenders and credit cards, saving you potentially hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Do take note that lower interest rates are provided when you have a good or decent credit score. Anything above a 580 FICO score should get you a pretty good deal, but explore your options by discussing with your lender.

2) Lower Monthly Payments

Debt consolidation may be an option that’s brushed to the side by some people since they have an overwhelming amount of payments that they need to pay off. However, it’s better to take out a personal loan and make your debt a little easier to get to. For example, you can shorten the length of some of your loans by paying a higher sum in advance.

Not only will you be quicker to pay off multiple loans, but you would also face lower monthly payments if you play your cards right. This could be a great solution for those who are threatened with an extended repayment period in the near future.

3) Streamlining Monthly Payments

As mentioned above, debt consolidation allows any individual to face one loan instead of multiple ones. This simplification of just having one monthly payment instead of numerous can often be easier to deal with and pay off. There’s also a subliminal effect that makes you think that your debt has gotten lighter to manage.

Pairing the benefit of streamlining along with a single and potentially lower interest rate can be much more forgiving on your finances. Just discuss all the fees and terms with the lender that you’re borrowing a personal loan from.


In summary, a personal loan can be a great tool for your debt consolidation. While it’s able to simplify your monthly payments, it can also improve your interest rates in the long run, depending on the size and terms that you’re able to find.

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